MRS WHITE'S - Swell for Leather (Leather Polish) 60ml

HKD 199.00

Brand Mrs White's

Mrs White's Swell for Leather is based on a Victorian recipe for waterproofing shoes. This rich, thick paste polish is an absolute dream for nourishing, cleaning and polishing fine leather. Just one application will summon up that as-new look from dry, dusty leather that hasn’t been touched for many years.

Almost all the linseed oil sold in the UK is produced here, making this polish around 90% UK-produced. Linseed oil is rich in GLAs, otherwise known as Omega 3, 6, and 9 fatty acids. These nourish the leather in the same way they nourish you, and linseed oil has been used for centuries to keep hides looking like new. In addition to linseed oil, our use of British beeswax ensures a more concentrated blend due to our high climate, thus becoming more powerful and fragrant than imported alternatives.