HKD 150.00

Brand Michael Antonio


  • Size: 7.5
  • 5‘’ heel; 2.5’’ platform; 2.5’’ equiv
  • Cape vamp
  • Zip at back

Colour: Black

Condition: Good

Items #1963157


It is a family-owned business with three generations of expert shoe manufacturers. They produced their first pair of shoes in 1970 and ever since have been closely-linked to the shoe trade. While they continue with their family's shoe-making legacy, today, their vision and philosophy is "Care about people.  Obsess over creating quality and design.  Pay it forward!".


“Whatever it takes, for as long as it takes, to restore a broken life."

Hagar International is a non-profit organization that specializes in restoring and empowering women, children, and men in Afghanistan, Cambodia and Vietnam whose lives have been devastated by extreme human rights abuses; particularly domestic violence, exploitation, and human trafficking. Since 1994, Hagar has helped over 10,000 survivors.

Hagar uses a holistic, individualised, and long-term approach that addresses the unique and complex needs of each survivor that enters our care. Hagar’s programmes are conducted through the lens of our five domains of change, which we believe are essential in fostering life-changing transformation for survivors.

By choosing from our wardrobe, you make a real difference:
300 HKD: Intensive counselling services for one month.
800 HKD: One week's care for a woman at Hagar Women's Shelter.
2,000 HKD: One teacher's monthly salary at Hagar's 'catch-up school'.

Learn more at: www.hagarinternational.org